kate (kate_45) wrote in 31337geek,

Can anyone help?


Now please be nice to me. I know very little about computers and desperately need some help.

My printer (an hp deskjet 5100) has stopped working. I send things to print and nothing happens. I call up the list of print jobs and it says "printer offline." I look at the printer and the light isn't on. I check the connecting cable, fine. I unplug the printer and plug it back in. I turn the laptop off and then on again. I check the printer in the other USB ports to check it's nothing wrong with them. Basically I do everything that people who know nothing about computers do. Still the laptop and printer won't recognise each other. I don't think there's a loose connection anywhere. Not long beforethis happened I clicked "Yes" to the computer asking me if I wanted to auto update my HP software. Could this be the cause of all this? If so how can I combat the problem?

I really really need to get this fixed before tomorrow, so if anyone could let me know what I should do I would be eternally greatful
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