Danielle (coronia) wrote in 31337geek,

mouse problems...

Please know that I am the least computer literate person on earth, so I apologize in advance if I sound stupid...

But I recently got a lap top and my mother got me, not a wireless mouse, but a mouse that connects from the usb port. It has batteries, and I assume they work because the light on the top of it comes on when I turn the mouse on (there is a switch on the bottom).

However, the computer doesn't seem to recognize that the mouse exists. It didn't come with any software and if it came with instructions, I didn't get any.

What should I/can I do? DO I need to change my set up somewhere?

It is a "targus" mouse from best buy.

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My first thought is that this is a wireless/bluetooth mouse because it definitely won't need batteries otherwise. If this is the case, then you need to sync the base station with the mouse. Although I'm a little curious since you said it wasn't a wireless mouse. Do you have a model number?

You can IM me (AIM) at sc0ttious (first O is a zero) if you have any problems.
Yeah I second this as I can't think of a single mouse that needs batteries when it's USB connected. Sounds like coronia is thinking that a wireless mouse wouldn't have the USB part, but of course there must be a connection of some description.

When you plugged the USB part in, did Windows say anything? I assume you have Windows XP, would this be correct?
I feel like an idiot. Tuns out it had a piece that my mother didn't give me...a little sensor thing that plugs into the usb port. And the mouse IS wireless, but you can recharge the batteries by plugging it into the usb port.

Of course, I feel less stupid because of course it wasn't going to work with a piece missing :)

Thanks so much though! And sorry I took so long to say thanks...work has kept me from checking my email as much as I wanted to.
it s better to take a mouse not wireless mouse took a mouse with wire its better than wireless ones and its so cheap
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