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Windows user interface

I'm a Windows fanboy (and, for the record, I don't care about your opinion. If Apple had 90% of the market share, all you Apple fanboys would be Microsoft nerds. Don't give me that crap about usability and security. Same for Linux geeks). Microsoft has a reputable OS, and if it were really terrible, it would have kicked the bucket by now. There's a reason they have most of the market share.

But I'll admit, there are features on other OSs UI that I like and would like to have on Windows, but not losing any particular Windows quality. I mean, the interface for Windows has been more or less the same since Windows 95.

I'm particularly talking about Mac OS X's dock. Or, specifically, I like the idea. The dock is really a problem for me. I used a Mac a few times, and the dock just got in the way of the applications I was trying to run. Still, the idea of not having to go to the desktop when I want to open something is great. (Windows' quick launch really isn't that great.)

So, for the last hour or so, I spent my time designing a new UI for Windows.


This is just a simple blueprint of what I imagined, so I used the Windows Classic theme. For the tiny icons, I used the icons that appear in the left hand corner of the window. This would look best in a more modern theme, like Vista. I also imagine the icons being bigger to take up space, and getting smaller when more space is used. But, again this is just a blueprint.

So, what are we seeing here? Well, we obviously have the Windows menu, which will serve it's basic functions. Then we have the taskbar icons. They will service like the icons on the desktop: you double click them, they open. When an application is open, they are added to the box you see on the right, which is for programs that are opened. When you minimize an application, you can reopen it by clicking it's icon in that box.

So, with this, what about the desktop? You can add widgets to it, or add whatever kind of eye candy you desire.

Well, that's my blueprint. (And I emphasize "blueprint". Don't give me crap saying that "why are you choosing it to look like boring Windows 98?".)
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