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I installed a program that is in a foreign language (chinese). But the program does not display the language correctly, just lines and lines of question marks.

1) Example: "????, ???????. ???????."

I have tried changing regional options and installing chinese GB18030 support and adding additional Fonts. Nothing works.

I have a windows 2000. (no language bar and cannot install language packs because windows 2000 has a built in east asian language support program)

Richwin and NJStar only display chinese correclty within Start - Programs and reading chinese documents, and not display correctly within the program window.

2) Error message "created for a language not supported by your version of windows" --- is there some way that I can override this without reinstalling or switching to a different language OS (can I do it without installing Windows 2000 Chinese version in addition to my current OS)?

Thank You!
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I can't help with this. But i advise you to ask this question to the Microsoft Windows Support. They have to help you. It's their work.